What is BitLocker? How we can enable it in Windows 11

BitLocker is a computer hard drive encryption and security program. It is released by Microsoft Corporation. It is a native application from Windows Vista and it is also available from Windows Vista Enterprise and Pro edition to Windows 11 latest Pro edition.

BitLocker is natively available in Windows 7 Enterprise and Ultimate editions. It is a hard drive security and encryption program that protects the drive’s content and data from any offline attack.

For example :

In a company, if you have a flash drive that contains all the code but unfortunately the employee wants to share the data with a third party. The owner can use the BitLocker key that can help to protect the data from unauthorized access on other computers for the wrong purpose.

BitLocker is primarily designed to prevent the user’s data or even a company’s data from being viewed.  Extracted or retrieved in case a drive is stolen. It doesn’t protect a system when it’s running because the online live protection is maintained by the operating system. Bitlocker is basically something that protects the data from being viewed.

It can capture information about your computers like the make, model, and internal part serial numbers and use it to ensure that your drive hasn’t been stolen and inserted into another machine. When this information has been verified, you will necessary to log into your computer using your password.

Use of BitLocker – How you can enable BitLocker?

After starting Windows operating system, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Click on the Start option – the option at the top bottom that contains all the programming windows
  • Click on the Control Panel option – the functionality of software and hardware divers can manage in it
  • Click on the BitLocker Drive Encryption option – the key that can help to encrypt your data in your system and travel in save mode.
  • Click on the Local C drive and then  turn off the auto-unlock option 
  • After disabling the auto-unlock option
  • Restart your computer – turn off or restart your system 
  • After rebooting your PC, your issue will resolve.

It is a whole disk encryption program that encrypts data on a Windows PC or USB flash drive to prevent unauthorized access from anyone that does not have the decrypt key

There are many options that will enable after the drive encryption. Several are:-

  • Change Password – You can change the password by accessing it with the current password. It gives more protection
  • Recover Password– When you configure the new method of authentication, in that situation you can remove a password.
  • Turn Off / Decrypt BitLocker – Decryption takes time to process but decrypts the files from the drive.
  • Backup and recovery key:- You can recover with the backup option in case a loss situation might occur.

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