How to extract the text from images

Extraction is the concept that denotes the mechanism to collect data from any resource. Extract text meaning collects the text from the different files. There are many apps that have the feature to change the image character-based data into text.

Most of the users can type the image text on the Word page to use in the form of textual. OCR(Optical Character Reorganization ) is the mechanism that can resolve millions of users’ problems and can collect the character or letters based data from the image and convert it into textual form. 

Method to extract the text from images using App

If you want to grab the text from the picture by using the OCR mechanism:-

  • OCR Reader is the app that is available on the store app.
  • There are many OCR Readers in the market but most of them do not work well and some are expensive or paid.
  • Free service providers OCR that is:-
  • Google Keep: – It can be used to capture the text from the image and share it with others and access them. Click the image and post it on the keep Google provided online website and then extract the digital image to the text form which you want to capture. It has built-in support for OCR
  • Microsoft Lens: – It is the new scanning app provided by Microsoft. It has the ability to extract text from colored images. 
  • Extract text from the image in Windows or Mac operating Systems – In the Windows, the grab feature helps to extract the text from the image:-
  • Open the capture window on your screen
  • Choose the Image whose text you want to capture
  • Click on the selection option
  • Click on the Grab text option
  • Now, you can select the portion of the image whose text you want to capture
  • Now your text may highlight on your screen
  • View the text on your screen
  • Copy the text and paste it onto the document page.
  • It is the mechanism in which under the Windows platform you can capture the text from the image

By using the online method

There are many official websites available on the Web browser that can help you to extract the text by uploading the image on it and the relevant text you can easily extract. Now users can save time and get the text from the image without typing. Technology spreads up and provides new features many apps are available on the market via mobile devices users can extract and paste the text on other platforms. Social media can be grown up by this mechanism. Extract and use it as the textual form.

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