How to find your IP address on Windows and Mac

IP – It is an internet protocol service and identity-based mechanism. There are numerous devices and network connection that are had to identify who access which system at what time duration

To verify the particular network and system a unique IP provides to the system. At the time of any crime, this IP helps to verify the criminal record as well as work as evidence many of the time

It is not necessary for users to know about the IP, it is automatically generated by the service provider for the safety and tracking of each service. Both the local and public IP addresses can easily find with the help of a Web browser. This IP address helps to use the internet and enter a large connection of the network. 

To find the IP address on Windows

You need to follow the steps in a given manner:

  • Click on the start button on your desktop screen
  • Open the cmd which stands for Command Prompt to access and check
  • After opening the command prompt you will be able to type operating system commands
  • You need to type the command “ipconfig”
  • Click on the enter button
  • You will be able to view the message and at the IPv4 address section line you will be able to view your system and internet-accessing IP address

Find the IP address on Mac

You need to follow the steps in a given manner:

  • Open your Apple menu icon
  • You need to select the System Preferences option
  • Click on the View menu option
  • You need to select the Network
  • On the leftmost side, you need to choose your network connection
  • You will be able to view the local IP address with the help of a USB or Ethernet service
  • For any of the Wi-Fi connections, it will show your IP address under the connection status
  • You can also use the command under the terminal that helps you to directly access the Ethernet connection 
  • You need to write the command —- ipconfig getfolderaddr en 0
  • En 0 helps to find the Wi-Fi connection IP address status

One of the best and easier mechanisms to learn the IP address in your system. This method helps you in case you want to change the password of your network service. In case you have doubts about any interruption in your network area then the IP address helps you to verify all of this

The restriction on the particular network zone can apply when you know about the IP address of your system. In a large campus, the IPs are secured and restricted regarding some of the irrelevant access to the service

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