How to configure Outlook 2019 Email account 

Technology provides a new era in each section of the IT field. Microsoft Outlook also gives the same benefits as their 2019 version it helps you to send and receive emails, and store the name and contact list by tracking your working tasks. It provides a free service platform

There are many new options in outlook 2019 like focused inbox, you can add visual impact, mark your email as read when deleted, you can set up reminders as a pop- up and the email sorting feature prove a user-friendly working environment

Outlook 2019 Configuration 

  • Click on the Start button or Program file 
  • Open the Outlook 2019 
  • There are two ways to configure the outlook 2019 
  • Manual configuration
How to configure Outlook 2019 Email account  |
  • Automatically configuration
  • In the manual configuration, click on the POP3 

Configure incoming and outgoing mail

  • To configure the outlook incoming mail fill the server (pop- and outgoing mail (SMTP-
  • For incoming port is 995 and the outgoing port is 587
  • Enable the Encryption method 
  • If you have any PSD files then browse them from the given option
  • After this configure the Hotmail Id
  • Enter the password 
  • It is the best method via outlook may configure

For adding multiple accounts – if you want to add multiple accounts in outlook you need to follow these steps:-

  • Click on the Add account option 
How to configure Outlook 2019 Email account  |
  • Enter your email and password and click on the remember option 
  • Mailbox is divided into two intervals now 
  • First on the top left side and another at the bottom of the second inbox
  • This is the way users can use multiple emails

Open Separate file – if you want to open the separate Profile follow these steps:-

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Click on the system
  • Open the mail and save the Profile with another name
  • The mail account will show 
  • Click on the manually
  • Office 365 POP opens and enters all the setting details for a separate file. On one computer a lot of people can use our profile.
  • For automatic, you need to only enter the email. It will automatic complete the configuration with the help of an internet connection
  • If you want to add another account then you choose the button Add account and create it easily.
  • Click on the finish button

Set up Outlook 2019 with a Microsoft 365 

It is the platform where office 365 works with any version of Microsoft. It requires two-step authentications

  • Click on the outlook from the start button 
  • The window may display click on the next button
  • If you want to connect your email account in outlook, select the yes option 
  • Click on the next button
  • On this page, the Auto account setup opens
  • Enter your email and password and click on the next option
  • It will take a few minutes to set up the account
  • If you get the notification for setup click on the finish button

Users can also sync the Outlook account with Office 365. You can also use the same account on two devices. You can purchase directly a standard license for outlook 2019 from the Microsoft store at the rate of $139.00 in the US via the website

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