How to install and setup ReactJS on Windows 11

JavaScript provides an online open-source code in the form of a library. The main purpose behind using this library is to provide a new look and best-in-use user interface for users. Dynamic web-based applications are easily created in it.

React is structured in a manner where less code is used to create a web page application. A large enterprise uses this mechanism to create a good functionality-based tool. 

Debugging can be done easily by using the React debugging tool software. It is easily acceptable by Chrome and Firefox. Many components can help to create a single react application. For one particular component, you can use your own logic and code.

Installation of Reactjs on Windows Platform

Follow the procedure in an order to install the library in your system

  • You need to install the Node.js installer for the Windows platform
  • The official link is available at the topmost side when you search on the Google
  • Install the LTS version
  • When the Node. js file downloading and easily installing in your system
  • Open the application, click on the next option
  • Now you need to open the Command Prompt 
  • Type the command -“node  – v”
  • In the command prompt, you will be able to view the application status- it describes that the application is easily and successfully downloaded and installed in your system
  • At the terminal run the command —   “npm install – g – create – app”
  • At the global level react app starts downloading for you in your system’
  • To view that the functionality runs properly use the command ——  create – react – app — version
  • Now you will be able to install the React app in your system without any of the problems
  • Now you need to create a new folder where you can store the React app. Use the Command – mkdir – newfolder
  • You can give the name to the folder as per your choice and interest
  • To install the required dependencies under the application you need to use the command under terminal  —– “ create – react – app react first YOUR _APP _ NAME”
  • As per your choice open any of the IDE

Setup React on Windows

  • Open the folder where you install the React app
  • To start the app in your system. Use the command —– “ npm start
  • Now a new window display on your screen and show you the React logo
  • After a few minutes or seconds, the application displays on your screen and you will be able to view and continue the work.

These steps help you to install and easily set up ReactJS on your Windows platform. The command prompt helps to install and view the installation status while downloading and setting up the whole procedure. The web application works under coding that is high in demand and has a success rate.

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