What is the Metaverse and what is used for?

Metaverse is a digital universe in which users have their own virtual environment like their own office, and their own entertainment in the digital world. 

Facebook works on this platform to introduce a new phase for our users all our the world

Need of Metaverse

  • When we feel digital cell is more important than our physical cell it is the starting point of metaverse triggered
  • The real-life example we see is iPhone where different facial expressions can be described by different emoji 
  • It provides more ease to meet people all around the world in a digital environment
  • We have many apps like Whatsapp video, Skype, zoom, etc. in which audio-video disturbance can occur and meeting depends on the statement that “I am audible to you”
  • If these types of official meetings are done in a virtual platform make more fun and user-friendly environment
  • Nowadays Facebook, and Microsoft invest most of the millions of dollars money to invest in these metaverse projects
  • 3D Metaverse provides a feeling of the real world.

Use cases

It is a new way to connect with the People

  • Real estate –if you buy any place physically you visit and decide to buy but if you sit at the home and visit in this platform and open the place and navigate the place and easily understand each way, and phase of the place in the 3D environment
  • Travel – Everyone wants to travel to different sectors of the world like the UK, and the USA. In this platform, you make a friend group and visit a place in 3D metaverse form that ultimately work as you visit that sector and explore yourself
  • Education – 3D education make the children easier to learn and enjoy the study in a digital environment
  • Fitness and Gaming zone in 3D metaverse provides a new era 
  • Shopping can do in virtual mode provides happiness and less time to utilize

Is there one Metaverse or multiple metaverses all around?

You can enjoy multiple metaverses like 

  • Sandbox (SAND)
  • Axie infinity (AXS)
  • Decentraland (MANA)

Metaverse vs. Virtual Reality

  • Virtual reality can provide a visual look at anything in the same manner metaverse provides an advancement where users can experience the thing in the digital phase
  • Metaverse is a set of virtual spaces where users can do meetings in the same manner as the physical meeting held

Real-life example: – A meeting can conduct via online mode. Users don’t feel that it’s an online platform in the metaverse. Users can interact with other people the same as in a physical meeting.

Risk Factor – As per learning the working of the metaverse the risk factor increases if nonfactors use this mechanism. Privacy lost via this mechanism 

Research continues on metaverse and IT experts can add Privacy factors in a different way at an upcoming time. AI interfaces work on new parameters such as Metaverse 3D virtual space on Earth.

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