Google’s AI can predict when you will die

Google has achieved big point over the world. A common man without Google cannot even imagine the Internet. Google has ...
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CHAP and MS-CHAP is a part of network protocol. The Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (CHAP, described in RFC 1994) and ...
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What is encryption and decryption.

encryption and decryption
Encryption and decryption is a cryptographic data security method. Encryption is a method whose help enables the sender to convert ...
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What is network protocol and its elements ?

Protocol is a set of rules that is necessary for communicating between the sender and the receiver. Every network protocol ...
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How to format corrupted SD card with Command Prompt(CMD)

format corrupted SD card
Friends, many times the corrupted SD cards can not be formatted directly from the computer. Even if they are formatted, ...
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Windows.old: How to delete Windows.old folder from windows 10

Whenever you update your system like install new version of Windows OS, then after the installation of operating system, System ...
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How to fix the msxml 4.0 error in Microsoft games

Whenever you play a game, sometimes an error may arise like “MSXML 4.0 is not installed correctly. It is required ...
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How to create post thumbnails in blogger

post thumbnails
In blogger, all posts are shown in list form and no option is there to change the post display form. ...
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Idea cellular now expands VoLTE service in 15 cities of india

As you all know, Idea Cellular has started its VoLTE service. From this service where you will be able to ...
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Top five free powerful data recovery softwares

data recovery
Many times we accidentally delete any information or data such as photos, videos, audio or any documents. Which then goes ...
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