Google’s AI can predict when you will die

Google has achieved big point over the world. A common man without Google cannot even imagine the Internet. Google has grown from education to industry to every field. Now Google wants to grow up in the medical field using Google’s AI or artificial intelligence. Google is now working on a new project. In this new project, Google will now tell how long a man will live. Google has created an algorithm that will detect how long a patient has been admitted to the hospital 24 hours before.

Google will predict your health using AI :

Google’s AI system will make predictions about the patient’s health. Google’s Artificial Intelligence system is smart enough to find out how many possibilities of survival of a patient. These systems are based on the human body’s body structure, body cells and body fluid. Google is building this project with a company in China. Google has achieved 95% Accuracy for the first time and 95% Accuracy in the patient’s mortality rate for the first time.

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