What is encryption and decryption.

Encryption and decryption is a cryptographic data security method. Encryption is a method whose help enables the sender to convert his messages and data into secure form. On the other hand, decryption is also a reverse method of encryption. To help send message and data sent by the receiver sensor to the understandable form.Both of these methods are part of cryptography which help in securing data and messages. Sometimes they are used some network protocol.

Definition of encryption and decryption :


When the user or sender sends the data, before that sender converts the normal data to unrecognized format and then sender will send the data. This process is a encryption.
In this process ,sender uses the many algorithms to secure the data while sending.


When receiver receives the data from sender, then receiver converts the encrypted data into meaningful words. This process is a decryption.

Encryption and Decryption is the process to secure the data between sender and receiver during transfer the data. They are use many encryption algorithms to secure the data during when data will travel at network medium.

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