How to fix the msxml 4.0 error in Microsoft games

Whenever you play a game, sometimes a error may arises like “MSXML 4.0 is not installed correctly. It is required to run the game”.
MSXML is a package that helps Microsoft’s game run because Microsoft’s game is not run without Microsoft XML 4.0 .
So Following steps will fix error :

Steps to solve msxml error:

1. Go to following link and select the language.

2. Click on download button.
3.Choose the file which you want to download. Usually first file is select. Click on Next Button. File will be download.
4. Open the file .A dialog box will opened. Click on Next button.
5. Click on Install Button and installation will begin.

6. After the installation click on finish button. File has installed in your system. Now you can enjoy your game without any error.

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