How to remove your number from truecaller

Truecaller is the pre-installed app. It is used to verify the persons and the location, they are calling you.

Users when they get the calls from another one firstly want to know who they are and from which place they are from. It is the best way to find the robber’s calls. Sometimes the wrong calls or spam calls waste the user’s time when they are doing any official work.

The truecaller provides the environment that can help the users to identify the business contact person through the number registered or registered in the company’s profile.

Privacy and security is the main protocol in the electronic digital environment. Users want their privacy in every situation to make our life secure from the outside world. User’s contact numbers are stored in Cloud and these are shared with unknown numbers from different resources.

Everyone does not want their number on any app that can recognize the identity of the person. In that type of situation, the user wants to delete our number from that type of app

Steps to remove your number from the Truecaller App

Follow the following steps that can help the users to remove the number from the truecaller:-

  • Open the truecaller app
  • Go to the setting option
  • Press the privacy center option
  • Click on the deactivate your profile pic
  • You view the message that after the deactivate you are not able to be shown with your name on truecaller
  • Click on the yes option
  • Now you sign up page on the truecaller open on your mobile device. 
  • After doing this task your need to open the truecaller official website- you can use any web browser on your mobile device and search on it
  • You can view the un-list truecaller number option – you want to remove the number from the truecaller option that may exist on it
  • You need to enter the phone number with your complete country code
  • Check to mark the option you are not a robot
  • You can see the message on your screen that is the confirmation message to the user that confirms that after performing the yes option no longer user be able to show or even not search with their contact number on truecaller
  • Click on the yes option
  • It takes 24 hrs. duration then after you are not a member of the Truecaller app

These are steps that can perform the removing number from the truecaller app task on a mobile device.

It is the Privacy measure that most users use to make our personal contact number safe from third-party users and no one easily recognize the user identity through this

Many cybercrimes can take by accessing the user’s contact number on different platforms without any information. To be far from unwanted users need to exist in a protective environment.

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