How to remove Google account from your android phone

Google account is a unique username that can be provided to all users to make them unique from the other person. In the digital platform – to recognize the unique one or the specific person from the database we need a username to identify

Various apps and websites are available on the Internet that can only access with the user’s login account. For login to the account a unique username that provided by Google to access the Google products

Google accounts can create with the help of any Gmail account by providing any verification of phone number or contact number. The User can select any username to enter into the Google

But most of the time the users can use the same username on different platforms like apps that can make less secure username and password. Users want their accounts private to access banking money transactions. In that situation, a user can remove a Google account from an android phone and access or create a new username to enter on Google.

Steps to remove Google account from android phone

  • Open the Gmail app or Open your setting app on your mobile device and then click on the account option in it
  • Click on the Profile icon – it is the icon that can show with your email username 
  • Click on the manage your account option – it requires you to choose the account you want to remove and get far away from it
  • Click on the manage your account on the device option
  • Make sure you select the email that you want to remove from your device
  • Click on the Google account option
  • You can view all the apps and services that are linked with your Google account
  • If you delete or remove the Google account, then you are no longer part of the Google service provider apps.
  • Click on the remove account option – it is the option that is available at the bottom of the careen otherwise select the 3 dots at the right top corner and select the option remove the account on your mobile device
  • You can get the confirmation message and then the account may remove from your android device


On Android devices, users can use many accounts at once. The interruption may occur when users are unaware in which account the Google cloud service is activated to fulfill that situation. Users can remove unwanted and un-useful accounts from their mobile devices.

It is the major prevention point for android users if they switch to another device make sure they remove the account from the android device so that no one can access your personal information

Remove is not the permanent solution to get away from the specific account you need to delete that account that helps the users to permanently get away from the specific zone.

Users can get the data backup before removing the account for future use. After removing the account all the services that are working on the Google account need to access with the new account.

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