How to personalize windows 11

Personalize means providing a user-friendly interface that provides a new look to the existing platform. Windows is the operating system in which users can access the various sub-applications.

Users want the best and most attractive background look of the software. The latest apps and websites have the feature to change the color of the background and the icon. 

Personalize Windows 11 Process

Windows 11 has the Personalization option in which users can change the interface and set up the functionality according to our use. To personalize users need to follow the following steps:-

  • Open the setting option – on your PC or device click on the Setting option
  • Click on the Personalization option

There are many ways by which users can personalize the latest Windows 11- follow the following methods:-

  • Windows 11 has the best UI interface same as the mobile devices. It can describe by many sections that are far away from the user’s mind.
  • Taskbar – It can have the taskbar at the center of the screen with the best interface. If you want to change on the left side, same as Windows 10 then you also choose it. Overflow settings are also done through it.
  • Focus mode – While performing any tasks users do not want to interrupt by the notification or pop-up messages. At that time they can ON [Enable] the focus mode with the selective apps that you want not to be interrupted during the work.
  • Folder on the Screen – You have many folders or files that are used in your daily routine. In the personalization option. You can do the settings and enable it and access it anytime easily without opening it from a different locator.

You can perform many other customizations

  • Type with your voice – It is the best feature that is unaware of many users’ minds. You only need to type the keys “Windows +H” that can help you to open the listening mode. The PC can start listening. This feature can help the users not to waste time typing, by default the PC recognizes and does your task.
  • Right Click –   It is the most familiar that users can use to right-click on each icon. Choose the keys shift and F10 that can enable the right click same as in the previous version of Windows
  • Multiple Desktops – Now multiple desktops are available in this platform that can help to perform two or more tasks at the same time. It works the same as the Mac provider gives on our mobile devices.
  • Color – Users can choose the color mode – light or dark as per the choice that can change the background look of all the applications, title bar, status bar, etc.
  • Transparency effects and themes – Users can change the transparency effect of different icons on the desktop screen as well the themes can change as per the choice. It can also be available in the personalization fields in which you can enable or disable it as per the requirement.
  • Start menu – Not only the title bar but also the Start button on the desktop screen can customize easily. In this section, the user can choose the add or remove folder option as per the need. 

Personalization can hold the enable and disable a mechanism in which a user can use any feature on our device as per the requirement. Windows provide pre-built features that only access by enabling and remove by disabling it

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