How to set gif image as wallpaper on Windows 11

Wallpaper is the first screen on your device when you start it. Every person has their own choice and changes the wallpaper accordingly.

LIVE Wallpapers are the most trending feature that helps users to view different wallpapers at a particular time. Abstract, Sphaera is the most trending Live Wallpaper in the market

These wallpapers are sometimes related to the day to day events and activities. It may change with the set time intervals.

Steps to set gif image as wallpaper on Windows 11

On Windows Computer or device you can easily set a gif image as wallpaper by using these steps:

  • You need to download the software on your PC – open the lively-wallpaper website and download the get a windows file from it on your system
  •  Open the file and select the all users option – this feature can help if you have more than one account in your system, it works on all platform
  • Click on the OK option
  • Accept the license terms and conditions
  • Click on the next option
  • It is an open software anyone can access freely on our system
  • Microsoft Windows desktop Runtime may install in your system
  • Click on the finish option. Now your software is successfully installed in your system

After installation users can easily use this in our system

  • Click on the start option and then click on the Lively Wallpaper option
  • You need to enable the options in a manner like a start with windows and then choose the user interface – normal 
  • Click on the next option
  • Right-click on it and open the wallpaper lively
  • You can view the installed wallpapers
  • Select anyone you can customize the features in it – increase speed, contrast, and brightness change and set according as per the choice 
  • If you have any gif or video you want to add to it. Copy the URL and paste it into the Wallpaper folder and you can select that option, able to view that video on your system screen

Set live wallpaper on iPhone

How we set Live Wallpaper on iPhone device – there are some steps that you can follow to set the live wallpaper on your apple device

  • Click on the Setting option
  • Select the Wallpaper option
  • Select the Live Wallpaper option – now you able to choose any live photo as per your choice and click on it 
  • The Wallpaper photo may display on your screen
  • If you want to add dynamic wallpaper then choose a new wallpaper option
  • Click on the Live. choose the full-screen preview on it, you can view the display once
  • Choose the animation and click on the Set lock screen option
  • Now on your iPhone device, you can use the Live feature option

Live Wallpaper provides a new look to the device. Some Live Wallpaper gives you a natural look and can easily find a user-friendly environment.

Live Wallpaper, on the one hand, gives a new look on another hand it is not too good for the device because Battery drainage and Processor heat-up Problems may occur that can also impact wrong on the Android-based devices that consist of Low Storage devices.

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