What is SSH and how to use SSH in Linux

The digital environment works on a secure platform. SSH is one of the networking interfaces that provide a Secure Shell. 

What is SSH(Secure Shell)

It is a set of protocols that are applied on the unsecured network to give users a secure way to access the computer system. The secure shell provides a strong password facility which is the best way to authenticate your system networking.

This feature works out to protect or secure your network protocols from unauthorized access. It has a facility to send the secure transformation of data from server to client and vice–versa. You need to use the primary or private key encrypted under a cryptography mechanism in which the key number is only known to the client or server.

Encrypted languages change the data into machine language that is not in an understandable form. The primary key helps the client and server to learn the message under hidden. It is the best way to perform security-based tasks.

A server is a remote machine whereas the client is our local machine. From the local machine, we access the remote machine or transfer the data information.

Setup SSH Server

To establish an SSH connection we need to perform three things:-

  • First is a server or remote machine that will access the local machine
  • Client or the local machine 
  • Authentication – it helps the users that the server can authenticate the client and vice-versa now.

To fix the SSH on Linux- You can use SSH to connect to your virtual private server and to your office computer

  • It works on the terminal
  • You can also connect with your device file manager or use some graphical programs like FileZilla
  • Here You read 
    • How to configure local computer
    • How to configure remote computer
    • How to check that the SSH port is open
    • How to establish a connection of 
      • Terminal
      • FileZilla
      • File manager
    • How to transfer files between the computer
  • UPCLOUD virtual server provider is the best to use and is highly recommended by the IT experts
  • You can register yourself at www.upcloud.com  the official website
  • You will get the private cloud server that takes a few minutes to process and then able to run

How to use SSH

  • Here, these steps use the UPCloud to show How to use SSH
  • You need to set up your Linux machine  – it works as a client computer
  • You need to install OpenSSH- client on your Linux computer 
  • Use the command — sudo apt install openssh-client        – this command is used for Debian and Debian-based distros Like Ubuntu
How to install SSH client in linux | Techniqworld.com
  • It will take some time to process
  • To configure the computer you want to connect to – which is the remote computer
  • On the remote computer, you need to install OpenSSH-server
How to install SSH server in linux | Techniqworld.com
  • To install the packages, you need to have physical access to the remote computer
  • To check that SSH is running with systemctl status ssh
  •  Use command -: sudo systemctl status ssh
How to check SSH status in linux | Techniqworld.com
  • After processing you will be able to view the status active, if it is not then you need to start manually
  • You need to determine the IP address of the remote computer – this helps to check the networking setting
  • If you have a graphical computer then search on the IP address
  • In FileZilla –you can connect your remote server with it
  • Click on the site manager
  • Then add new sites
  • Then select SFT protocol and add the IP address, username, and password, and click on the connect option
  • You will get your local files on your remote server
How to use SSH in ubuntu | Techniqworld.com
  • You can transfer files between the different computers
  • In File Manager – you can connect your remote server with it
  • Click on the network option in your file
  • Select SSH option
  • Write the name of the folder and username to the account with IP and then connect it. Give the unique password to them
  • You can see your local files on a remote computer and transfer the data between them.

These are the steps that help the users to connect the local client computer to a remote server-based computer.

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