What is the difference between an ATM card and a Debit Card

Money Transaction is the latest digital demand. In ancient times the Bank was the only source for personal deposits and withdrawal money. There are many types of Banks available in the market for giving the best service to the users.

In the online or digital platform, many types of Cards that have a particular unique code for every user are available. Like ATM, Debit and Credit cards, etc.

ATM Cards

ATM cards are the payment card that is issued by the financial organization to access the financial or business account. It is a plastic card with a magnetic strip. These cards consist of a unique ID number that basically works as the identification of a particular person.

It is also known as Cash cards, client cards, or bank cards. These are issued by the bank to customers for use. So that they have easier access to their money, whether it is from the ATM machines, at physical bank branches, or in the malls that accept payment from the cards.

By using ATM cards, customers can access their bank accounts in order to make a cash withdrawal and check their account balance as well as purchase cell phone prepaid credit bills. It is the best exchange rate for foreign travelers

Debit Cards

Debit Cards is also a plastic card that looks like credit card. It is electronically connected with the bank. Whenever purchases are made, money is automatically taken from the bank account.

It requires a PIN that confirms the user is authorized to access the account. It works as an electronic check, as the funds are withdrawn directly from either the bank account or from the remaining balance on the card.

ATM and Debit are two different cards that are different from each other. Most people think that these two cards are the same but their usage is too different.

Difference between ATM Card and Debit Card

Major Differences Points are as below:

  • Purpose of Usage- With a debit card users can withdraw money, and make bill payments. Also perform online and offline shopping payments. On the other hand, ATM card users can only withdraw money by using the ATM.
  • Bank Balance – Debit cards provide you the facility to check the bank balance payment whereas on the ATM card you can’t check your bank account statements.
  • International Transaction – Debit cards have the facility to withdraw money internationally. Also, make payments offline or online whereas the ATM card can’t be used for international transactions.
  • Mini Statement- Debit can provide you the facility to get the mini statements whereas the ATM does not allow you to get any type of mini statement.
  • EMI –Some of the banks provide the EMI transaction facility by debit cards whereas the ATM does not allow any type of transaction.
  • POS Payments- By using debit cards domestic and international POS payments can make whereas ATM cards do not allow these types of payments.
  • Booking facility – Debit cards have the facility to book travel tickets. Whereas in the ATM users do not perform any booking facility.

These are the basic differences between the ATM and debit cards that look like same but have different working facilities.

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