How to boost your WIFI signals and increase Internet Speed

WIFI signals help to provide the network facility in a particular region. Many Service providers widely spread our network and add fiber connection that helps the users for getting a fast range of network connection.

Sometimes due to the lack of signal users suffer from trouble and their tasks may delay. There are many reasons by which the signals interrupt and service providers are unable to connect with the fast range of speed.

Many Online websites and apps are available in the market that helps to boost the WIFI signals speed but users need to follow some protocols to boost the WIFI signals and increase the speed in the large area

Ways to increase wifi internet speed and boost signals

Follow the ways to make your WIFI best in use-

  • Timely check your wired connection – Whenever you suffer from a lack of internet connection then firstly, check your wired connection. Loose connection sometimes affects networking. Fiber cables are now trending in the market. It can provide the new generation network topology at a large scale in an accurate amount.  
  • Frequency – It is also an important point in which area or purpose you want to use the service. If you need it for home then the low frequency and bandwidth are able to connect. In the office where a LAN connection is available at that cases, the WIFI frequency becomes high and reaches each system in an accurate amount.
  • Channel– The router may choose the channel for transmission. Sometimes your neighbor’s connection lies on the same channel in that situation the leakage of the information might occur. To save confidential information from some other party you need to change the channel. If you suffer any delay and interruption in transmission, check your channel.
  • Check WIFI Intruders – When you are using WIFI, a weak password can recognize and hack by a third party as an intruder that can use your internet service to download the game and movies. On the other hand, you face a slow internet speed. There are many apps available by which you can easily check the list of the WIFI intruders that are members of the WIFI.
  • Using Quality Control– In the latest routers, a QoS (Quality of Service) feature is available that helps to prioritize your apps. In this method, you can set the time which app needs more priority to access.

Also, take care of these things

  • Password change timely and use a strong password with symbols that are never understood by another user
  • Check the WIFI intruders list that helps to understand how many devices are connected 
  • Several apps and Google provide statistics on how much data can consume by which device on what platform. Use that type of app to prevent the service from unauthorized access.
  • You also set the limit of the WIFI devices, the restriction only limited the numbers of the devices able to connect.
  • Antenna – If your connection may lose a lot of time then you need to change the antenna. The settings also directly impact the connection.

These are the steps, that are helpful to understanding how you can easily boost WIFI signals and increase wifi internet speed.

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