How to download Facebook videos without an app

Facebook is a worldwide advertisement, messaging, and entertaining app. It is designed to make users all over the world connect in a piece of the globe. It can provide the users day to day activities with their thoughts in the form of pictures and videos.

Videos are an entertaining and advertising platform that can help the users to be aware of some products and the activity. Most users create and edit the video with different editing tools that can attract the user’s mind. They start downloading in our device gallery.

Many short videos users make on Facebook can increase page followers. The videos that are popular and most liked by the users and some videos that can like by other users are highly demanded to download on the user’s gallery easily.

There are many apps or online websites that help users to download Facebook videos on a computer or mobile device. But for downloading the liked and attractive video users need to install some app on our device that takes storage space

Method to download Facebook videos

There are a few steps that help the users to download the Facebook video without using any third-party app:-

  • Open the Facebook app- you can use the Facebook app or the official website to log in to your account
  • Choose the video you want to download
  • Click on the right side of the video at the 3 dots.
  • Click on the copy URL option – it is the link provider of the specific post on the Facebook
  • Open any web browser – you can use any browser like Google chrome etc.
  • Search on the “Facebook videos downloader” 
  • You can view many links to the websites
  • Open the first link – choose any website that can download the Facebook video like – the Facebook video downloader official website of the Facebook service provider
  • Paste the URL and then click on the process button. In the website, you can paste the copied URL at the blank space. Click on the process button at the right corner of the URL
  • It takes a few seconds and your video will download easily and will save in your phone Gallery

This mechanism helps the users not to download any third-party video downloader app on their mobile devices. The third-party apps consume storage space and make the working and processing of the device slow.

The online platform provides a lot of facilities to access user-friendly data without any memory leakage and the phone can work efficiently. Users can easily download the Facebook video and use it by editing it on other social media platforms. You can save it in the Cloud database for future use.

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