How to know connected wifi password in android phone

Wi-Fi is the networking technology that can help users to contact other users Worldwide.

The Internet is the most demanding way to communicate with each other. Wi-Fi is the mechanism that can provide the facility to connect with the devices to access the internet on your device.

To make them your Wi-Fi from the other nearby devices that are unauthorized to access users can use the password. Users can use tricky or strong passwords that can help their connection security and privacy.

While accessing the password or Wi-Fi on different devices users sometimes forget their password. It is hard to recognize a strong password. The home Wi-Fi can access on different devices like laptops or mobile devices. 

Wi-Fi can work with the modem, hub, or router-type modes that can connect the devices through the wireless connection. It is one of the safest platforms and users can use unlimited data on it.

As per the bandwidth, numerous devices can attach easily without any interruption. You need to use the same username and password on all devices. And provide some password that is a unique security feature so no other public resource is able to access them.

Steps to know wifi password on android smartphone

To know the WiFi password on an android device you need to follow the following steps:-

  • Open the setting option in your mobile device or smartphone – the setting app or the app management device that has the direct network connection.
  • Choose the network or Wi-Fi option otherwise you can head to the Wi-Fi from the top bar – Choose the ON Wi-Fi network option you want to access. 
  • Choose the lock option to move to the saved network – You need to try on the lock pattern or PIN to access
  •  Click on the Share password option – that can help you to share the forgotten password you want to access on your android device
  • You can use any password like a pin number, pattern lock, and fingerprint option to access – it is also the main source of security and password. The network comes under security and privacy measures.
  • Now you can see the password on the screen with the QR code drawn on it
  • It can directly share the password option
  • You can also scan the QR code with your mobile device 
  • Now you can easily get the password of the Wi-Fi network

These are the basic steps you need to use to get the password if you forget. You can also have the IP of the router that can write at the backside. You can access the router IP from the official portal and get the full status of your connection with the status of how many devices are attached to your network. Restrict some devices you feel are not authenticated or interrupt you during the working time. 

Forgetting a password is not a big deal. There are many ways users can get their passwords. But it is also important that authorized people can get password access by providing some special identification.

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