How to revert changes in Android Studio

Revert changes in Android Studio: Many times you accidentally delete a file during app development in Android Studio. Then you get worried about what to do now? After that, you either import the file again from the backup folder or create a new file again, which is very difficult to develop at times. If this happens to you too, then there is nothing to panic about. Android Studio gives you the option to recover your deleted files. Android studio keeps a complete log of deleted files so you can quickly recover your deleted files. So let us tell you how you can do it in android studio. 

Steps to revert changes in Android Studio:

  1. Open your Android studio.
  2. Right-click on the project folder from the project navigation bar left side of the Android Studio screen.
  3. Click on “Local History” then click on “Show History”.
  4. You will see all the files which you deleted. Select that file that you want to recover.
  5. Right-click on the selected file and click on “Revert”. Now your file has been revered. You can revert changes in Android Studio

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