Android 13: Release date, new features, and expected things

Google’s Android team has released the latest Android 13 beta version. Android 13 a new updated version of Android can be expected to be available in the market this month.

It is ready as per the developer’s side. Some of the Beta versions for testing this latest version are now available in the market from February 2022

It may expect that in between May 2022 Android 13 with its latest version be in hands of Users. 

Android 13 Beta version shows a great impact. Users like the material type and the design icons that may use in between the apps.


Android 13 new features:

According to the sources, Android 13 can implement or provide tremendous features. 

  • 3-4 SIM can easily be manageable via users can use as per their choice 
  • The material type that can be used in between the icon can be user friendly
  • CPU boosting may be more efficient
  • Battery life is the main measure that can be implemented and updated as per the main requirement of upcoming youth.
  • Bluetooth has low energy audio feature that helps to work on multiple streams at a particular time with a good quality source.
    • The home button can be changed as per the point of the latest beta version. Android 13 features: All the leaks, release date rumors, beta news, more
  • Design templates can be changed in it
  • The lock screen can be more attractive
  • The clock section can be shown in some new manner
  • Some new playing gadgets may be available in it
  • The silent feature that is used by users as not disturbing form can work as silent via no disturbance can be shown to the user 
  • Language features can be added to it. We need not change all app language settings. Only useful apps that particular language users want can be changed. It does not impact further existing app language.
  • The Privacy and Security Protocols may strong in this upcoming feature
  • A personal photo picker feature may exist in it
  • Notification Permission may available on it
  • Android auto features may available on it
  • Easy for users to find the file in the quick setting tool. It may reduce the finding time. The setting tool may contain this feature.
Quick Settings Tile

A device that can use Android 13 :

Following smartphone and series will provide the latest android 13 update with either stock android or custom android soon.

  • Google Pixel
  • Samsung
  • Galaxy S Series
  • Galaxy Note Series
  • Galaxy Z Fold/Flip Series
  • Galaxy A Series
  • Galaxy M Series
  • Galaxy F Series
  • Galaxy Tab Series
  • Xiaomi
  • Xiaomi MIX Series
  • Xiaomi Mi Series
  • Xiaomi Series
  • Xiaomi Redmi Series
  • POCO
  • OnePlus
  • Oppo
  • Realme
  • vivo
  • Honor
  • Nokia
  • LG

Android 13 can be awaited by the user now a day and its features in the Beta version and many more are tremendous and make our working life easier.

The best feature in Android 13 Beta 1 shows its display quality, icons design QR code scanner become faster in use, suggestion options in setting lie a great as comment section via user direct call to the developer for their need, Lock screen display color changes and look more attractive.

A Good Response shown of Beta 1 was released on 26th April 2022.

“Be ready to use – Android 13 with their latest features “

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