How to fix laptop battery draining issue in Windows 11

While working on mobile devices or PCs the most common issue that occurs is laptop battery draining. Users prefer a device that consumes less battery and works for a long duration of time.

The laptop is a portable device in which users want full-on battery backup that helps to use it anywhere. While working the battery may consume and users can use an extra battery backup gazette to recharge the device

Prevention is needful in every device whenever you use Battery is the basic need to work on the electric device. Battery prevention helps not only device management but also makes working in a flexible and proficient way

Steps to fix laptop battery draining

To fix the battery issue in your laptop follow these steps that help to retain your battery for a long time:-

  • Off the background apps after using it
  • Never use your device at the charging time.
  • Delete the unwanted apps – the apps that have no use on your device delete it 

Auto updation

In the WIFI may software application  that has the auto-enabled update mode can use the processor of the system while it is at the rest state

  • Open the setting option
  • Open the networking setting option
  • Disable the unwanted attach peripheral and the network connection with your device

High brightness

Some users use the device at high brightness in which the battery usage increase automatically

  • Make sure that your device brightness is moderate while using
  • Open the control panel
  • Click on the display option
  • Click on the brightness and choose the average 30 %  brightness

Off the keyboard light

In the laptop, there must be a light that blinks and consume the battery make sure that your system keyboard auto on the light may off

Off the sync option

Google and some of the basic apps have the auto-sync feature that can automatically sync the data at the fixed time interval

  • Open the setting option
  • Click on the app management option
  • Check the sync option enable or disable, and make sure that auto-sync is disabled in non-useful apps

More Peripheral devices

If more than one peripheral device is attached to the system that can also drain the battery.

  • Access different chargers – Sometimes users can use another charger that has different volt consumption and this is directly impacting the device battery backup
  • Run the troubleshooter – this feature helps to fix the battery issues at a high rate. Make sure if you have the battery drain problem in your device then enable the troubleshooter from the setting and update and security option
  • Update and reset your Windows – If no problem with your battery, charger, and network then you need to update and reset the windows that can help you to fix the battery problem
  • Use antivirus –Make sure that your antivirus is updated that can help you to save your battery and device protected from viruses to work efficiently

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