How to reset Windows to factory settings

Issues or Faults – In the PC or any Windows-based system sometimes faults may arise like crashing Windows or freezing, and in some situations, the system is running slow it takes time to resolve the problem.

How to reset Windows to factory settings |

Whenever you have some technical issues with the device and all the methods like troubleshooting fail, you need to back up the data first and then fix the issue. Sometimes while fixing the problem the data may be lost. Saving the data prior is the best method

If users perform a factory reset on Windows then it may resolve the problem easily.

How to reset Windows to factory settings |

Steps to reset Windows to factory settings

These are simple steps that describe to you how to Factory Reset Your PC or Laptop Running Windows:-

  • Click on the start icon – From the toolbar at the bottom side at the left corner of your screen 
  • Click on the system and security option – Search on the top of the window to easily find it
  • Click on the Backup and Restore option – this option describes the backup of the data in the windows local drives.
  • Click on the Recover System Setting option – Recovery is the method that users need to select if they find any issues. Feel free to use the search option on the top side
  • Click on the Advanced Recovery Methods – for recovery of the data the advanced tools may use
How to reset Windows to factory settings |
  • Click on the Keep my files option – this is the message icon that helps to describe that you want to uninstall the window
  • Click Return you to the  Computer to factory Conditions options
  •  Your files may backup, this is done locally as well as via the Cloud – this is the feature that helps the users to store the data virtual as a digital platform
  •  Accept the option by giving confirm the signal, Now Restart your PC
  • Windows may be processed and 30 min to get to Windows Set up screen

These steps can help you to reset a PC using Windows easily. A factory reset option may remove the data from a device and revert it back to the default setting

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