How to download Google Maps directions for offline use and travel?

Google Maps can help us to find the location of any place.  It is the most demanding app that can be available in the Play store and in the upcoming Android devices, it is available as a pre-install. To find and track someone’s location it gives the full information and shares the direction towards all regions.

Now in India the different regions and their cities can be easily tracked through Google maps. We can find the different routes by the online mode in which a good internet connection require that can helps us to locate the direction easily

Google maps are one of the most reliable apps that have navigational features that provide the possible routes. It helps to find the route and never get lost in any place.

Users demand to find the offline direction of any route in case they don’t have an internet connection. There are some simple ways by which you can easily download the Google maps directions that can help us to find the offline route. 

Steps to download offline Google map

  • Open the Google maps on your mobile device or system
  • Make sure you have an internet connection 
  • Search the place you want to search in the offline mode
  • Select the 3 dots and select the offline maps
  • Click on the select your own map option
  • Download the map as per your need of any place, or city you want
  • It may show the memory space that takes when it will download on your mobile device- you have free space for downloading the map 
  • The select region may start downloading 
  • Now the map downloads on your phone. Close the internet connection
  • Now you can easily watch the location that can be shown the same as the online location finder can be shown on Google maps.

Download offline Google map helps to find the location whenever in any region the internet connection has a problem. This is the best and the easiest way to find the location. Users can easily navigate and search the locations offline from the download map. The download maps take your mobile storage and help them to access anytime whenever you want. It also helps to save roaming charges if you may travel outside the region. This feature also gives an advantage whenever users do not have any data connection and range on the mobile device. The loss in the route problems can be reduced by this option. While driving, walking or cycling, etc. you can easily access and reach your designation accurately without any interruption 

Future Aspects-

  • Offline Google map can show the information of the direction
  • Only type area the different routes with distance may show
  • Add the starting and the destination points further routes indicated by Google as per best with the traffic information included in it

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