How to remove third-party access from the Google account

Google accounts can help to connect with thousands of websites to log in and register your name and profile on the panel. Much crucial and confidential information with the contact list and data can be stored in your Google account whereas Gmail access is also reliable on it. There are many apps that can work with the help of the accessibility of Google accounts. 

Sometimes you can give a third-party access to your Google account and not check them after sometimes you suffer from the trouble. For the safety and privacy of the confidential data, you need to be aware of this access and remove it for future use.

Security is the most demanding factor on any type of account to save the account from unauthorized access. 

Third-party access to apps may lose your confidential information and your private information become public in nature. To avoid this type of problem users need to add a strong password and timely change them for future reference and safety.

How to remove third-party access from the Google account |

Steps to remove the third-party access from the Google account

  • Open the settings option on your mobile device
  • Search on the Google option
  • Click on the manage your Google account otherwise, you can open the Gmail account and in the profile section you can view the manage Google account option 
  • Search on the security option – for applying the security and privacy protocol
  • You can view the device name. It helps to find out which devices your account may use and activate right now. If you have any doubt that any third-party device may use your account you may select that device and remove it from the Google account.
  • Swipe up and search all the third-party apps or websites on your mobile device
How to remove third-party access from the Google account |
  • Click on the manage third party access option on your mobile device
  • Choose an unwanted application and click on the remove access. This procedure helps you to remove the access that any app or website may have in your account.

These all are steps by which you can easily remove third-party access from the Google account. And also make them a user-friendly environment having security and privacy measures on it.

How to Prevent third-party access 

  • Never share your password to your Google account on any website or app to log in
  • Check the authorization of the app or website first before login
  • Apply a Strong password and change the password after some time interval for a Privacy and security point of view
  • Try to apply two-factor authentication on your Google account. It prevents and secures your Google account from the third-party access 

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