How to install MySQL database server on Windows 11

MySQL is one of the most popular relational database management systems. It is a fast, reliable, multi-user platform. MySQL Server is mostly used by small and large businesses or enterprises.

This is a great tool for learning about databases. It is developed, distributed, and supported by Oracle Corporation. This is easy to use and free to download and without no cost. It is client-server-based architecture. It supports multithreading which provides more scalability. Its performance is very fast.

It is compatible with all the operating systems in the market.  The multiple applications are flexible. It must contain the data security layer. There are numerous queries that you can use and apply to the database. It works as the remote computer that works on the client’s computer. It can easily transfer one file to another.

Steps to download and install MySQL database server

Download MySQL Database server Installer

To download MySQL use the website The MySQL server is the best remote computer to store the data under different databases. To install the MySQL server on the Windows 11 operating system- follow the following steps:-

Download MySQL server on Windows 11 |
  • Download from the official website MySQL-installer-community version on your device
  • The installer launches on your screen and takes some time
  • Select the custom setup option
  • You need to choose from the 3 products: 
    • MySQL Servers
    •  Applications (MySQL Workbench)
    •  Connectors (ODBC).
Download MySQL server on Windows 11 |
  • The three products installed on your screen
  • Click on the next option
  • Click on the execute option
  • The configuration page displayed on your screen, you need to configure it
install MySQL server on Windows 11 |
  • No need to change anything on it, default conditions use
  • Click on the next option
  • Now, Click on the account and roles option
  • The new window display on your screen
install MySQL server on Windows 11 |
  • Now you can give the password to your database – it is a security-based password, note this password at a secure place this will help you to connect with the server
  • Click on the next button
  • Now, set up the services – standard system account option choose on your screen
  • Choose the execute option and continue the process
  • Click on the Finish option

Now your workbench is configured

Your Workbench is launched on your screen and ready to work. You can start the workbench launcher on your window. 

  • Choose the local instance of the MySQL option 
  • Write the password you have and note it
  • Now your server  database is running on your screen

These steps help you to install and launch a workbench on your screen. You can apply any of the database queries on the server. You can create, insert, delete and show the database directory on your Windows MySQL server.

In all the windows the installation process is very much similar to each other. The upcoming version takes less time to process and continue the task.

After successfully creating the database you will be able to interact with the local computer as a remote computer and perform any of the transformations between them.

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