How to download and install Postman in Ubuntu

Postman is an Application Programming Interface. It can help the users to create, test, and share http-type requests. This software must save simple and complex requests. It is available on Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows OS.

More than 500,000 companies use Postman all over the world. It is a collection of tools that enable sharing and collaboration on application programming interfaces. It is available on all types of operating systems.

There are different ways to install the Postman desktop application on Linux, Ubuntu, etc.

Linux is a cross-distribution software packaging and distribution. Snaps are secured that don’t compromise the entire system. 

Steps to install Postman in Ubuntu

The latest version of Postman can be installed in Ubuntu:-

  • By using Snap, you can install using the command – “sudo snap install postman” – the command is used on the terminal
  • The processing may continue and then run the command
  • Use the postman command in the terminal to run the postman – this command helps you to run the postman on your device.
  • Click on the Create Free account option – it can help to make a new account on the Postman
  • Sign up – Now you need to Sign up with the Google account if you have otherwise you can create a new account on the postman having the new username, email, and password.

Set up Postman in Ubuntu

  • After the signup option, you need to accept the agreement – Some of the terms and conditions displayed on your screen to guide the usage or privilege  you have
  • Click on the allow option – this is the step to accept the agreement terms and conditions
  • After completing the Signup process, the Postman app displays on your screen.
  • You need to provide the username and its working
  • Click on the Continue option
  • You can add your friends via the email address or you can continue without a team.
  • If you are a new member of the Postman then you choose the option existing API otherwise if you are aware of the working of the API then click on the I know how to use
  • Get request – this command will install all the commands in your computer to access.
  • You need to perform the get request on Ubuntu – this command helps to link with the JSON
  • To contain the list of users, you need to receive the JSON response
  • Choose the Workspace option
  • Click on the create option
  • Click on the GET option and Postman will return a JSON object as a response.

Postman is a user-friendly application. It can easily send API requests to all web servers. You can easily install it with the help of the Snap package system.  Snap is third-party software. It runs on all Linux distributions. It works faster with the APIs

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