How to delete Facebook account | deactivate a Facebook account

Facebook is the World’s best social media platform where millions of People can interact with each other on a large scale.

Facebook may provide a platform where the business sector grows widely. The Producers can sell their products directly to the Customers without any interference from retailers in the Market. 

Covid 19 is the best example of where the work can be changed into a digital environment. Users can transact with the business partners via Facebook and spread their Products 

Advertisement on Facebook is the best way to sell the Product and provides opportunities to the normal Public.

Some of the situations arise when Users need to take a break from social media due to some of the reasons. They want to delete the account from Facebook apps to make our life more secure in terms of Privacy and Security from the public. 

The account Log Out option only provides the facility to exit from the app. The data and the media storage may exist in the account.

To delete a Facebook account, follow these steps :

  • Open the Facebook account from the Facebook app and another medium from where you access the Facebook – use a computer or any browser to access the Facebook
  • Click on the 3 dots on the right side of the app
  • Scroll down
  • Click on the Setting and Privacy option  on the Facebook application
How to Delete Your Facebook Account
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  • Tap the Setting option 
  • Click on the Account ownership and Control option 
How to delete your Facebook account | techniq world
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  • Tap the Deactivation and Deletion option 
  • Two options may display
  • De-activate the account or Delete the account
How to Delete Facebook - Techniq World
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  • For deleting the account permanently click on the delete Account option 
  • If you click on de-activate the account, the account may exist.
  • Click on the Continue option 
  • If you want to download the data from the Facebook account click on the Download your Information option
  • Click on the delete account option 
  • Enter your Facebook account password in the panel 
  • Click on the continue option
  • Confirm Permanent Account Deletion page may display to take permission for deleting the account
How to Delete Facebook Account | Techniq World
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  • Click on the Delete account option 
  • The account may delete permanently within the duration of 30 days, if you want to access then reactivate it within the time duration.

After deleting the Facebook account

  • Re-activate not possible
  • Photos and videos fully delete 
  • Chatting – the sending and receiving messages to friends are visible and stored in the inbox
  • Facebook Messenger was also deleted – not able to use messenger for chatting  
  • Require to Follow Groups and pages from beginning 
  • Data lost
  • Not able to log –in from another device

Temporary Deactivate the Facebook account

  • Deactivated the account: – It helps us to sustain the friend list and data in the account. Users are not able to view and visit the de-activated profile.

Deletion as per the User’s requirement makes the usability of the app a more user-friendly environment. Facebook provides all the features in the app through users can easily perform the task on the Setting option. Enable and disable the icon as peruse.

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