How to send large files on WhatsApp

Whatsapp is the most used app for sending and receiving unlimited messages on the Online Platform. Users can send pictures, videos, and files to other users easily and vice versa.

Where this app provides the calling, messaging and data accessing features in a frequent manner from different regions of the World and makes a user-friendly environment. Users prefer Whatsapp as Compared to emailing the file.

Whatsapp can provide the feature in which the sender can view the receiver’s status whether they can view the message or not. This mechanism is highly successful and highly recommended by users. On the other hand, emails are only accessed for Official purposes.

On Whatsapp, users have the restriction to send limited pictures at one-time intervals and video sizes. You send 100 of the data in a day. Whatsapp is able to send only less than 100 MB files. More capacity files are not sent on Whatsapp.

But some of the time the large files users want to send to other people. In that situation, they use another app which takes a lot of time and users want the increased limit of data files they want to send via Whatsapp

Steps to send large files on WhatsApp

Follow the given procedure that can help the users to send large files on Whatsapp:-

  • Open the setting app on your mobile device
  • Open the media folder – the folder having the pictures, videos, and Gif files also contains the document files
  • Choose the video you want to send via Whatsapp to your contact person – the video file has a capacity of more than 100 MB.
  • Click on the Share icon at the bottom of the selected video
  • Choose the Drive option
  • Your video can be shown on it and you can change the name of the video file at that time if you want to change and locate the file with some other name.
  • Send the file on the drive
  • The Link may generate the video file
  • Copy the URL of the video 
  • Open the Whatsapp app
  • Click on the contact person you want to send the video
  • Paste the link you copy from the drive and send it to the contact person
  • Receiver and get the link while they open the link, video can easily open in Whatsapp.

Now users can send the large file through Whatsapp without any error message. More than 100 MB files in the form of video are sent easily.

In the School or colleges, the official lectures can be easily sent through the Whatsapp group to a large number of users that can have a large storage capacity.

This is the direct tie-up with Whatsapp to drive which are the parts of Google that give the accessibility to share the generated link on Whatsapp.

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