How to delete Google account

Google provides a lot of services. Android smartphone apps can access via a Google account. Users need to break this account connection to make the removal permanently. There are many reasons for removing

  • Account data load 
  • More subscription done 
  • Access to the new platform 
  • Change the data storage medium

Some situations when Users want to work or access the Google account from a new account break the email services and apps registered via the account. The Logout only deletes the account but it may exist by the same name.

If you want to delete the information and account Status permanently various parameters and facilities may exist.

“Gmail and Google Account are the two pillars of the same building that attach with each other “

If you delete the Google Account the Gmail account automatically deletes the email messages. 

Follow the steps to delete the Google Account from your phone permanently

  • Open the Gmail account 
  • The User name with Google Account option with the Account you want to delete.
  • Click on The manage for Google account
  • The various option menu may display
  • Choose the Data and Personalization option from the menu
  • Delete Service or your account option choose from the data and Personalization menu
  • You may delete any Google Service or Google account as per your need 
  • For deleting a Google account you may select “Delete your Google Account “
  • All the emails, data in Google drive, and messages in the form of email in Gmail, etc  are deleted from your Google account
  • Tap on the Delete your account option 
  • Now fill the Google Account Password 
  • Click on the Next option 
  • You may read the Information Google provide that if you delete all the information that exists may remove permanently
  • You have the option to download the Google data before deleting 
  • If you want to save data for future use, download it to your device 
Delete gmail account | Techniq world
  • Finally, Type the Delete account option 
Delete your google account | Techniq World
  • Messages may display that gives the information that your account permanently deleted, if you want to recover within some duration period of time otherwise your chance will loosen up.

These are the ways you need to follow for deleting a Google account from your phone.

Points to Remember

  • You need to remember your password before deleting otherwise it not be possible to delete the account permanently
  • No need for a PC to delete an account, easily from a mobile phone you delete the account
  • Google Service Provider apps data was also deleted 
  • Recover Your Account option within month duration provided by some source of medium you need to fill for it
  • Gmail is the Service that Google provides as a tie-up, Gmail app is the best way to open and delete the Google account from your mobile phone 
  • All Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are attached to Google, if you delete your account these app services are also affected and you need to register in it again in a different mode.

It is the best way to delete the Secondary account that doesn’t have any use in your daily life schedule. Too many Google accounts are not easy to handle via Android phone. Work efficiency may be effected 

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