How to fix leverage browser caching in PageSpeed insights

The cache is a mechanism that operates between the web server and web browser. Generally, cache stores multiple copies to quickly access them at the current time rather than a request from the server. 

Leverage Browser Cache It is one of the effective ways to cache files. While continuously fetching the resources from the network you notice that the website takes time with the web server. Leverage web browser instructs the web server to store those web files. When a requested web page is displayed by the web browser like some of the things CSS, Logo, HTML, PHP, and other resource files get automatically loaded.

It can improve the website speed to get a better user experience. On the Mobile device or desktop device, PageSpeed Insights measured the performance of a web page. You can determine what is best for your website and your site resources.

Fix the Leverage Browser Caching

Follow the method given below to fix the leverage browser caching issue

  • PageSpeed Insight – this is the page that tells you the speed of your open website or web page on your mobile as well as on your desktop. 
  • To increase the grade of the Leverage cache you need to follow the sequence below:-
  • Open cPanel and log in with your name and password. – Click on the login option
  • Click on the file manager option
  • Click on the public_html – the list of files displayed on your screen.
  • Click on the .htaccess file – if the file is not available then click on the Setting option. Enable the show hidden files
  • Right-click on the .htaccess file and start editing it.
  • After clicking on the edit option one dialog box appears on your screen.
  • The dialog box asks for the character encoding, if you don’t want to select any encoding option then click on the edit button
  • After clicking on the edit option a new window display on your screen
  • Click on the save changes button
  • You need to browse your domain
  • Press ctrl + shift + e
  • In the network monitor section, click on the reload option
  • You can view the expiry header set of your file on the right side of your screen
  • You need to rebuild the cache at that time

  These are the steps that can fix the leverage caching issue in a quick manner.

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