How to setup parental control settings on YouTube

Setup parental control settings on YouTube:

The online platform increases day by day. Technology, which provides us with unlimited facilities but also some drawbacks, is a waste of time. On Social media apps and Gaming sites, Kids waste a lot of time and become addicted and get away from their studies.

YouTube is a trending app with a lot of videos that are not good for kids to watch. While using the phone it is easy to open the YouTube app, kids continue watching. Sometimes some content is not for the Kids. Advertisements and some channels show irrelevant information directly impacting kids’ brains and thinking power.

Parental Control Settings is one of the measurement tools that help to lock some of the sites that provide the kid’s related informative channels.  Children watch and make fun of. The mature content is hiding from the YouTube Login

YouTube Kids-related App is also available on the store that provides pre-built restrictions on some of the channels that are not good for children. It is a kid-friendly interface. You will be able to allow choosing the age duration that can help to restrict the videos to display specific age-related videos. 

To setup parental control settings on YouTube

Follow the following steps:-

  • Open the YouTube App
  • Click on the Profile icon – the channel or the account you use to access the YouTube videos
  • Click on the Setting option- it provides the list of features that can enable or disable as per the use. Click on the General option.
  • Click on the Restricted Mode – the toggle button appears on your screen, enable it.

This helps hide potentially mature videos. This feature helps you to restrict inappropriate content or videos. Parents will be able to add restrictions on their children’s phones. 

Google SafeSearch

It is also the best search browser that can help in the situation to search for restricted material. This feature provides the restriction on kids to search the specific search on it.

Net Nanny Settings

This is the most advanced feature that can provide the reporting note. The parents can get information about what type of content kids search on the Internet. This method is best for tracking the kids’ daily basis searches on the network.

These mentioned points help you to setup parental control settings on YouTube and protect your kids to see inappropriate content.

Technology, on the one hand, gives the features to access and provides the best in-use protection measure. Parenteral Protection Settings help to make sure that the kids live in a user-friendly and far from mature and un-relevant content.

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