How to enable notification history on android

Notification is the pop-up message that is displayed at the top of the device screen. It is the intimation note. Whenever you get the message at the particular app you will get the notification message.

Users can block the notification of some of the apps so that the storage of mobile devices is used less. But sometimes while you are performing any other task on your device and clear all the notifications without viewing them. In that situation sometimes the important notification message is hard to learn. 

Android devices have the feature to enable the notification history as the backup on local storage space. For checking and learning your miss message notification on your device. It is an easy and quick process.

To enable notification history on an android device

Some of the instructions in a sequence are given below:-

  • Open your device
  • Open your Setting app on your mobile device.
  • Click on the Apps and Notification option
  • Click on the notification history option
  • You will be able to view the toggle button on your screen
  • Click on the notification history option – Turn ON the toggle button

Your enabled mode helps you to get the history of the missed notification. Whenever you feel free to learn the notification panel and get in touch with the latest news.

The different models of Smartphone devices have different names on the Setting panel like

  • Android 12>Settings> Notification history>turn ON
  • One UI 4 > Settings> Notification history>turn ON
  • OxygenOS 12 > Settings> Notification and Status Bar>Manage Notification>Notification history>turn ON

After turning ON the Notification history mode you will get the details of the not-viewing Notification. It is a beneficial feature for the businessman. 

Notification Log is also the feature that can maintain and record the information of notifications in the local mode. For some devices like Mac, the Notification history feature is defined by the name of Notification Log. The working is the same in both of the panels.  

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