How to increase RAM in an android phone

RAM is the processing device that can hold the processing speed of any device. Any device or Gadget can be fully successful with its best RAM capacity.

Every user when they get the device’s first task is to check its RAM, the capacity of RAM more smoothly works the device.

It is a temporary storage place when you are working on any device until you save it. If you install more applications on your device on the other hand the RAM speed decreases. In the latest devices, users can have a good quality or capacity of RAM that increases the life of the device and perform the task at a speed

Users want more RAM that helps while they are working on the experimental, Gaming tasks so that the lagging issue does not occur. The one way to add the external RAM chip to your device is to use the external space but to make it more relevant to use the third-party access.

If users want to extend the RAM in android devices without Root to make the devices smoother in nature- follow the following ways:-

  • Download third-party apps
  • By using a Micro SD card
  • By using a class 4 memory card
  • By RAM expansion default feature

If you want to increase the RAM in your android device then

  • Download the swap app from the play store on your android device – this application helps you to use the free space on your mobile device.
  • We need to port the value of the swap in megabits in the installed app
  • You need to select the yes option if it asks you that your device’s internal storage can access the swap 
  • Now after a few seconds of processing you can view the message that “Swap file successfully created”
  • Now your RAM increase 3 Gigabytes 
  • You can also check the status
  • Open the file explorer on your android device – you can check the increased RAM status in this section

The RAM booster extreme app and Clean Master also work the same as the swap in android devices without Root users can easily increase the RAM in our device. In the latest or Upcoming device have the pre-built cleaner app installed that can boost the space at the selected time interval.

Clean master – hibernates the apps that can increase the processing speed of the device and boost time to time if you have a lot of copy files and the notification remover. You can easily remove the unwanted data or files directly from the app.

RAM control apps are also best in use and control the unnecessary functionality and make them smoother to work.

In the present time where all the daily tasks depend on android devices, users need to be aware of how they easily increase the RAM so that the speed of the device become accurate and never suffer from any issue like lagging 

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