BGMI: How to fix frame drop, lagging issues

BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile Indian) is the version of PUBG that is the most demanding online Game all around the World. Users are too crazy about the levels of this game. It is available on android devices.

In mobile devices, if too many apps are working in the background the graphics may affect and start lagging. To improve this problem users need to close all the apps and restart the phone for better use.

Whenever you are using BGMI make sure that all background apps are closed, which helps the mobile device to work on the game in the correct manner. This game requires good Internet connection speed. Sometimes when playing this game the players phase the problem of lagging 

To fix the lag and other issues on BGMI, you need to follow the steps for the smooth working of the mobile device

  • Settings of Graphics – Every Android device has not developed with good RAM. Users need to change the graphics of the game to smoothly work the game on the mobile device.
  • Storage Free up – It is also important to free up the mobile device space to fix the lag and smoothly working of the mobile device. If you have more internal storage in the device at the time when you use the game the mobile start lagging and creates an interruption in the working of the game
  • Low level or sensitivity – If you play a BGMI game sometimes users use high sensitivity for playing the game due to this the CPU becomes more heats up and the smartphone device lags. It is also important to use low sensitivity which helps to reduce the problem of hanging on the mobile device.
  • Use full charged device  –  While users are using the BGMI on the mobile device if the device has less battery then the device started lagging to reduce this issue use the fully charged device. 

Fix lost connection issue

  • Restart the phone before use – While using the mobile device try to restart the phone before playing the game on the device. That helps to fix the background and cool the processor in the background.
  • Use WIFI connection – Sometimes the data connection is not suitable for the working of BGMI on the mobile device. WIFI helps to smoothly work the game and less lagging may occur 
  • Install Game Booster Apps – There are many game booster apps are available on the play store that helps to clean up the space and provide higher frames 
  • Uninstall unwanted apps – There are many apps that have no use on mobile devices. Try to uninstall all these apps for the smooth working of the mobile device.

These are some top points users need to remember while working on the BGMI platform. The internet connection is best and has high frequency otherwise switch your device to WIFI. Lag is a common issue and can be easily resolved in the upcoming latest device having less RAM. Users need to work on the principle factor while on the BGMI platform

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