How to reset Instagram explore page

Instagram is one of the best social and high demanding apps in the different regions of the world. On Instagram users can view different posts like motivational, comic, political, gaming and drawing, etc.

Instagram automatically has the feature in which users whatever type of research do a corresponding search. And the posts may be displayed on the home screen. It makes users more compatible or makes it easier to enjoy the platform on our mobile devices.

Sometimes while working or using social media apps users can get the posts that are not liked or they are not interested to view those posts, reels at the home screen. In that situation, they need a platform that can change the category as per the choice of the user.

A recommendation on Instagram – It is the phenomenon that can help the users to provide suggestions as per the previous search. Explore page works on the algorithm that can program at the backend of the Instagram database.

An algorithm is structured so that whatever search takes place according to the category shown on the home page. If users want to change or reset that recommendation they need to change the settings on the Instagram app

Steps to reset Instagram explore page

Follow the following steps that can help the users to reset the browsing page on Instagram:-

  • Open the Instagram app on your mobile device
  • Click on the profile icon at the right bottom corner of the page
  • Click on the 3 lines at the top most right corner of the profile account page
  • Click on the Setting option
  • Click on the Account option
  • Click on the post you like an option – while using Instagram you like many posts, similar type posts that show on the home screen which are later on not be a part of your interest. Disabling that liked one’s posts helps to reset the similar type posts on the home screen.
  • Dislike that post, you have doubt be the reason for the unwanted post-show on the home page when you scroll down on the Instagram app
  • Click on the security option
  • Click on the search history and clear the search history. This feature helps you to disable the search suggestion box that can show similar type posts on the home screen
  • Click on the post from the home screen you don’t want to view that type of post on your home screen
  • Click on the 3 dots on the right side of the post
  • Click on the not interesting option. This is the new option that can block similar types of posts at the reels or the posts at the home screen


These settings can help the users to reset or change the recommendation / explore page on Instagram. Now users do not phase the problem and do not feel frustrated by some of the posts that are not a part of the liked category and enjoy the zone in which they want to lie.

Instagram can make the user–friendly features and work the same as the users want with the privacy and security measures.

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