How to disable Windows 10 automatic update permanently?

As you all know that Windows 10 is constantly getting updates. These updates are given to improve our computer operating system and we should always keep our computer operating system updated so that our computer is more secure and improved. But sometimes Windows 10 automatic update bothers us. Windows 10 updates without any notification. In addition, people who are using mobile data do not know when the mobile data limit has been exceeded. So to avoid this, we tell you how you can stop or disable automatic update of Windows 10.

Steps to disable Windows 10 automatic update

Step 1: Open run dialog box (Windows + R keys) and type “services.msc” and press enter.

run dialog box
run dialog box

Or just type services in the search box and press enter. A window will open.

Windows services

Step 2: Here you to find the “Windows Update” option and double click on it.

Windows Update service

Step 3: Set the Startup type to Disabled under the General Tab. Click the Stop button under the service status.

stop windows 10 update

Step 4: Now click to apply button and hit OK button.

Apply changes

Step 5: Finally, restart your computer. Now your Windows 10 automatic update has stopped.

How to enable Windows Update

Note: Whenever you want to update Windows 10, follow the instruction given in step 3 and set the startup option to automatic or manual and repeat step 4 and step 5.

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