What is VLAN and explain its functionality? Explain how it is different from other networks.

VLAN or Virtual LAN is the new networking technology that helps to connect computers and other network devices to their physical location. It is a bottom-up approach. It can work on multiple local area networks. If we add one router then all the LANS can be able to transact with the one router and transact with them. It is a logical partition of a layer2 network. It can have mutually isolated and packets can only pass between them via a router

The hosts grouped within a VLAN are unaware of the VLAN’s existence. It can also have the administrative tool’s Configuration of the VLAN network done through the software. Also can improve the overall performance of the network. It address have the scalability feature.

Types of VLAN(Virtual LAN)

There are two types of VLAN :

  • Static VLAN
  • Dynamic VLAN

The devices are scattered in different places and easily connected via this method in a virtual environment. It has a lot of facilities like

  • Having traffic management
  • Having Improves security
  • To make a network simpler
  • Having privacy and security
  • Performance – is the best use
  • It may shrink broadcast domains
  • Improves the IT professional staff efficiency
  • It works on the simpler project and application management

Example – If you have a three-story building and have 4 pairs of computers in each story the VLAN connector can help to easily connect with the virtual environment to all these systems with one connector at a high speed.

All work on a local segment and work accordingly in a manner. The network broadcast traffic of all switch are mixed with the building.


  • LAN is a single local area networks whereas the Virtual LAN is a multiple local area networks.
  • It provides the best traffic management facility than the LAN.
  • It has the feature of being cost-effective and secure as compared to the LAN

It is an individual network in which different types of user access requirements, roles, and efficiently traffic may create easily

It does not require that a large business can use the VLAN network but in the small business the least parameters that can help to connect with the VLAN that having the guest users for providing the security feature that confidential information cannot extract by the external medium

Working on the VLAN – network system

  • Multiple LANs can connect with the one Port
  • It has owned broadcast domain
  • One router may use to communicate with the network devices
  • They have the independent switches
  • All are connected with the router and transmission is done via this mode

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