How to use Driving mode in Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the mechanism that can help users to perform and browse information easily. Artificial intelligence can provide us with a virtual environment in which users can communicate in the real sense.

Google Assistant is a platform that can communicate with your companion at any time you want and help you to make your task as easy as you can.

It can make life a comfort zone where the user can ask the question in reply the Google assistant can give the answers and perform the tasks. It is directly connected with the Google account that you can use on your device

Driving mode – It is a feature that comes on your mobile device. Navigate to another place. It is the best tool. You will be able to open Google Maps Music on it. This is helpful because this helps to avoid the mirroring of devices from your vehicle screening. You can easily use any of the Social media apps, or music apps with the center playing zone.

Use Driving mode on your Android device

Follow the steps that help you to detect the driving mode in Google Assistant

  • Open the Google app on your mobile device
  •  Open the Settings option on your mobile device
  • Select the Google Assistant option
  • Select Transportation option
  • Click on the Driving Mode option
  • Select your preferences to enable whenever you want the driving UI to launch
  • According to your choice choose the notify you when new calls or messages come in

You will enable and disable the setting from your device. It connects with all types of vehicles. To connect you need to enable it first.

You will also use the Voice Command in Google Assistant – 

“Hey Google” 

On the Driving mode – this option helps you to enable the driving mode in your device and connect it easily.

To navigate in Google Maps, you need to apply the third option – It is to use Driving Mode.

 First of all, you have to enable this feature.

  • In Google Maps, click on the  Settings option
  • Click on the Navigation Settings option
  • Click on the Google Assistant Settings option
  • Apply the toggle while navigating in Google maps,
  • Open Google Maps and type your destination in the search box.
  • Click and Start Navigation options
  • Now, Google Assistant driving mode will launch on your screen.

This option provides you with the route from the starting point to the destination. Various routes are available on it.

Driving mode can remove the usage of Bluetooth. Users no need to have Bluetooth connections that are not paired easily on all devices. It works efficiently and is compatible with Google Assistant. While driving you can only use voice commands and perform specific tasks. You will also attend the online calls through it.

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