How to fix WhatsApp status not showing

WhatsApp Status describes the current mood and the activity the user wants to share with our fellow ones. 60 % of Users in the world connect to each other in the form of Status.

What if you are not able to view your friend status?

This is the scariest and terrible situation when users are not able to view our friend status. There are many ways that can fix the user’s problem and users easily view our friend status on their mobile device

WhatsApp status is not loading?  – Check your internet or data connection is the first step users perform on our device. Network settings are able to fix the problem. In the Wi-Fi platform, users need to restart the router to fix the situation. Upload the new status and use the platform.

Fix WhatsApp status not showing – Steps to follow

  • Internet connection or Wi-Fi: This is the first step to fixing the problem. You need to check the limit and bandwidth of the data and make sure your device has a good network connection. WhatsApp is an online app that needs good network performance.
  • Remove Cache or Temporary files: In the mobile device, most of the time cache memory takes the space and more media files in the form of status are unable to load on your device and show the message unable to download and process it.
  • Check the storage permission: You have to make sure that you have given storage permission to WhatsApp App.
  • Privacy: In the Status section WhatsApp provider add on the feature whom you want to send the message as Status select and upload it.
    • Open your WhatsApp
    • Click on the 3 dots on the right side 
    • Click on the Settings option
    • Click on the Account option
    • Click and press the privacy option
    • Choose the Status option
    • You can view the three sub-modules that can describe who can see my status update
    • My contact option – contains all the contact that is saved on your device
    • My contact except- it contains the option in which marked or selected contact person unable to view the status
    • Only share with – it contains the feature you can select the specific person list whom you want to share your status on WhatsApp
How to fix WhatsApp status not showing |

Make sure that you select the contact person in your specific list before sending the status. It might be the reason that your friend is not on WhatsApp. Otherwise, sometimes the sender forgets to select the specific contact person on the Status showing list.

Try some other solutions

  • Restart your device: It is the best way to restart your device and then open the app and view the status list
How to fix WhatsApp status not showing |
  • Enable Sync – WhatsApp sync is the best way to timely get the backup and fix the problem.
  • Enable the read receipt – It is an option that is able to view the status who may view your status with their current time. To make the account private users can disable the read receipt option.
  • Open the WhatsApp
  • Click on the setting option
  • Click on the account option
  • Click on the privacy option
  • You can view the read receipt option – enable the option
  • Now you able to fix the issue and view the status 
How to fix WhatsApp status not showing |

Clear the WhatsApp media files, update the latest version of the app on your device, change your internet settings, and force close your Whatsapp are most of the features that can help you to fix the problem

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