How to download instagram reels without the third party app

Instagram is a social media app via which people can chat, share blogs, make video clips and be in touch with different people in different sectors.

People are too crazy for making our life on social media platforms so their followers and concerned view and share each moment of life with the whole World. 

Covid -19 makes business and social life online. Users can do their business via an online app. Instagram Reels section makes the vipers happier by providing religious, motivational, social, and business-related videos online. The person wants to save this video on their phone to view whenever they are offline.

To download the Instagram Reels user may use different apps from the play store. Android and IOS have some specific apps that can easily download the clip. Like: Instadownloader, All Video Downloader Reels downloader Barosave, INSaver app (for iOS 11 or latest version), etc.

Some of the online websites are also available for download. Instagram provides a facility by updating a feature to store reels in Gallery.

How to download full Instagram Reels without watermark for free

How can we download reels without any app (third party?)

Some of the basic steps we need to follow for this are:

  • Choose the Instagram Reel you want 
  • Click on the three dots on the right side 
  • Click on the Copy link 
  • Then Open any Browser and write “Insta online download”. Choose any website and paste the link. The video will be downloaded.

Download Instagram Reels Without a third party (Website or App)

A new update of Instagram resolve users’ problem and give an option. Follow these steps to download:-

  • Open the Settings Option on your phone 
  • Click on the App Management 
  • App list will appear
  • Choose Instagram app
  • Click on the permission option.
  • Enable all the permission as storage, media, photos, videos, etc. as per the android device you may use 
  • Then Open the Instagram app 
  • Choose any reel 
  • Click on the Share option 
How to download full Instagram Reels without watermark for free
  • Choose the Option Share to Stories 
  • The reel will display. At the top right side, a download or save option may exist.
  • Click on it 
  • The Instagram reel is directly saved in your Gallery without any sharing or Posting a Post. 

There are many sources that are used nowadays but to make it more convenient it’s the best way to save the Instagram reels in your phone gallery without any third party 

  • We can also save our own Instagram Reels by choosing the option Camera Roll. This will help to save the video before posting it to our Google account.

“Instagram is popular and easier to use. As a great way to make 🌎 world  a family, Reels make happiness and spending time in a joyful mood “

  • Nearly 70% of the Population may be a part of Instagram a Social media app family. This feature helps to use the app in the best manner. 
  • Upcoming features: – We are waiting for the upcoming features that may add on as a direct download option to the Gallery with options of changing the effects of the Reels and adding more content to it.  We need to be aware of this feature to become a part of the Social Media Family.

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