How to create a telegram account

Telegram is a messaging app used all over the World. It focuses on Speed and Security. It is simple, Super-fast, and free. At the same time, Users can use Telegram on all their devices.

Users can use secret chats on telegram that are truly encrypted and do not get backed up and no keys are held by the company. Secret Chats also provide screen security to block screenshots of the chat.

It also copies your address book to their servers, which is how you receive notifications when someone joins the platform. If users want to share our contact number privately with random people. Telegram is the best choice to use. Telegram provides you a username that helps users to communicate with other people who don’t need a number to be stored. 

To create a new telegram account on your mobile device

follow the following steps:-

  • Open your store app and search the telegram app
  • Download and Install the Telegram app
  • Open the app, which is a free and secure messaging app on your device
  • Click on the start messaging button
  • You get the pop-up message that asks you the permission to receive the calls from the telegram – it can automatically confirm your phone number
  • Click on the OK button
  • You get the manage contacts as phone calls option, click on the OK button and give the permission to access otherwise you may deny according to your choice
  • Select the country and write the country code and enter your phone number accordingly
  • After entering your phone number then click on the check mark at the top right button
  • It takes time to processed
  • You will get the phone verification by calling on the saved number otherwise decline the call and select the SMS verification facility to get the code 
  • Enter the verification code – the copied code from the SMS that you receive on your saved contact number
  • Email- It also gives the email access permission which is the safest mode- enters your email code and get the verification code easily
  • After successfully completing your verification enter your username
  • You can also upload the profile picture as per your choice otherwise enter the required filled is your username
  • Select the check mark at the top right corner that can take some time to process
  • Telegram sends you a confirmation note that asks you to give permission to access your contacts on your mobile device
  • After giving this permission automatically your contacts are syncing by the telegram
  • It can work as a heavily encrypted cloud servers
  • You can allow all the permissions according to your choice as media, contacts, etc.
  • After your home page is displayed on your device

These are the easiest steps that can help you to create a telegram account that has an encrypted form. Permissions can be worked as per the choice of the users and enabled or disable from the setting option under the app.

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