How to delete Twitter account

Twitter is an application, trending nowadays to learn what’s happening in your country and what’s about the thinking of your friends via the form of Tweets.

Covid 19 is the best example of where the work can change in a digital environment. Users can communicate with their friends via Twitter and contact with tweets that act as comments to another user for their activity performing in the 

Some of the situations arise when Users need to take a break from social media due to some of the reasons. They want to delete the account from the Facebook app to make our life more secure in terms of Privacy and Security from the public. 

The account Log Out option only provides the facility to exit from the app. The data and the media storage may exist in the account.

To delete Twitter account, follow these steps: 

  • Open the Twitter account – from any browser and Twitter app 
  • Before deleting an account User’s first perception is to delete the Tweets with their comments on different posts in the profile.
  • To delete the Posts Open the Profile and delete all the Posts 
  • Click on the 3 – dots on the Left topmost side of the Twitter app 
  • Scroll down
  • Open the Setting and Privacy option 
Click or tap "Settings and Privacy."
  • Open the Account option 
  • Account Page will display 
  • Scroll down
  • Deactivate Your Account options display click on it
  • Click on the Deactivate button – the account will delete within the duration of 30 – days, in between the User reactivates the account then the account is not deleted permanently.
How to delete a Twitter account or deactivate it in 2022 | Techniq world
  • After clicking deactivate the new page opens which user needs to fill in the Password of the Twitter account
  • Click on the Deactivate option 
  • Again, the last message will display to confirm your deletion 
  • Click on the Yes to deactivate
  • The account may be deactivated option may display 

These are the steps users need to follow to deactivate the account. To permanently delete the Twitter account, Users need to wait for 30 – days. User no need to log in between the duration. After a month the account will delete automatically.

Logging off the account does not make you far away from the social media friend’s zone.

In Addition

As of 21st April 2021, the Indian Government ask Twitter to block some of the critical tweets of its Covid handling, Twitter compiles partially 

  • The Indian Government did not publicly comment on the matter. Twitter had uploaded the details of the action where some account tweets were deleted as per inviolate occur in the country 
  • These are the same reasons why common users want to delete their accounts after some personal attack by a third party.
  • Tweets are directly a part of targeting other users for their work in Public. Many violate cases may arise via Twitter posts 
  • Business advertisement and brand Promotion are also on the Twitter account
  • Violation is the main reason Users need to break from the app for peace of mind.

“Twitter tweets play a tremendous Role to act on some third Party “

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