How to remix Instagram reels? step-by-step guide

Instagram is the most used Social media app now. There are many updated features that can be added on the Instagram that helps to understand and make the task easier to complete

Remix Reels – Users are too crazy about making the reels on Instagram. Users can earn money by gaining a subscription to the account. Day by day these reels can consist of different factors like emotional, entertainment, skills, news, religious, and political based. 

Users want their reels to be more attractive in nature and easily liked by other people. To increase the Publicity on the social media platform the remix reels are one of the features that are available on the Instagram 

This feature is very much similar to the Tik – Tok most populated app. If you want you can upload the reel in which the same video can attempt by the person whether it is the reaction video. The Remix can be applied to any type of videos 

Follow the steps to remix Instagram reels 

  • Open the  reel and click on the 3 dots on the right side of it
  • Click on the option Remix the video
  • The video can be remixed that can be created by your account
  • The video will display in the two-section
  • Click on the start button the video can be work parallel after a pause you may see the contraction
  •  You can also choose the video as per the choice from it
  • Click on the left side option if you want to trim the reel 
  • You can see the recorded part of the reels on the screen
  • As per the choice, trim and discard the section

Add audio in the Instagram reel

  • If you want to change the audio as per the choice you can choose the song or the recorded voice and add it to the reel
  • You can change the timer of the reel as per the need you want for the reel
  • Click on the next option 
  • Now you can see the Remix reels project and view the look 
  • You can add stickers from the top most icon as per the search and apply any gif on it
  • If you want to write any test on the video to indicate and instruct you can add it by clicking the Aar option at the topmost side 
  • Click on the continue or next option
  • Now you can add the caption of the reel – It is mandatory to add the caption with the hashtags that can help the users to increase the views and likes. Most People on Instagram search by some specific caption. If your video is attractive and viral. You can easily become popular on social media platforms.
  • You can optimize the background and change the themes as per the need in the reel section

Remix reels help to gain more attraction on the Users and if you have any connection with the other person then you can easily tie by the remix note and share the Reels on the Instagram Platform 

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