How to reset iPhone to factory settings

iPhone devices are the most demanding device that provides the most tremendous features to our users. When the new version or latest iPhone device launches in the market users want to switch to a new one and sell the working device. Before Sale the device the first need is to reset the mobile which helps to delete all the information from the device.

For Reset, the data users need to get the Backup of the data which can be a more useful need of the users. 

There are many ways by which you can easily backup your data. If you have the Windows-based device iTunes software is used for getting it and if you are only engaged with the iPhone device then you need to follow these steps

  • Click on the setting option
  • Click on the Apple ID on your phone
  • Then type to the iCloud 
  • What type of data and services with the cloud can be stored the information on the iCloud.
  • You can disable the Photos option because the Google Photos app works best for storing the photos in your email account that you access while taking the pictures
  • The permission that you enable on the device all can store in the cloud

After completing the steps of Backup the data becomes safe from the device whether you reset it at any time. This may help the users in the future to access the data on the new device that login with the email

These are the steps you need to follow to reset the iPhone device 

  • Click on the setting option
  • Click on the Apple ID that is your account in which many apps are working
  • Click on the find my option
  • Click on the Find my iPhone option and disable it
  • After successfully disabling you need to enter the password of the Apple ID
  • When you enter the Password Apple find my option totally disabled to work on state
  • Move on to the Apple ID page
  • Click on the Sign out option
  • Tap on it, and now totally you may sign out from the Apple account
  • Now no information exists on Apple. Make sure you turn off the options shown on the screen like contacts, photos, etc.
  • If you want to copy iCloud then it takes time to copy it
  • Click on the General Setting option
  • Click on the Reset option that exists in it
  • If you want to completely erase the data from the Apple device then tap on the erase all content and setting option on it
  • If you only reset some network-based information then you may choose the erase networking setting
  • Tap on the Erase all contents and setting option
  • Enter the Password then you get the erase option 
  • You will get the pop-up message and then give a warning that all content may delete 
  • Click on the Erase iPhone options
  • Now you see the Apple logo which takes some time to process
  • Now your device may restart again 

These steps help users easily reset the iPhone device. To disable the find my device is important so that when a third party uses the device it doesn’t get any problems while using.

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