How to trim the video on iPhone

iPhone is the most trending and royal user device. It provides the top-ranking features that have the best quality in use. 

iPhone comes in the market with the latest versions. The Crop is the most important formatting tool. Users can take photos of different moments of their life. Sometimes while clicking the photos some extraordinary parts come into it. To discard the irrelevant part from the picture you will use different editing tools.

iPhone also helps to crop not only the portion in photos but also in the video. While you make the video some extraordinary parts are added to the corner or background. You will be able to discard by using different editing tools. It helps to change and modify the dimensions of the video clip.

Users most of the time trim the video and think that they perform the cropping section. But trim can shorten the time duration of the video clip whereas in cropping the dimension may change.

Method to trim the video on iPhone

 To trim the video clip on iPhone, follow the following steps that are given below:-

trim a video clip in the Photos App – It is pre-installed on the device. Most of the time the formatting and editing tools used in this section without accessing the third-party app

Here you can follow the steps to crop a video using Photos:

  • Open the Photos app on your iPhone device.
  • Choose and view the video that you want to crop
  • Press on the video clip.
  • Press on the Edit option.
  • Click on the crop option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Move the corners of the video grid tool to delete the unnecessary video areas. 
  • Now, If you want to fit the video in a specific aspect ratio, click on the resize option on it 
  • Select the needed ratio under the video clip.
  • When you’ve finished the whole process and performed the crop section on the video clip, select done.

Crop Videos Using iMovie – use the iMovie the third-party source to crop the video clip on your device

You can also crop the videos in the Photos app; another method you can also use is iMovie to make it attractive look under the video clip, any necessary changes to a video’s length and size might be changing. 

Follow the steps

  1. Open the iMovie app on your iPhone device.
  2. Click on the Create New Project option 
  3. Select the Movie option.
  4. From your Gallery list, choose the required video clip
  5. Click on the check option on it
  6.  Select the Create Movie option.
  7. Click on the timeline section in the upper right-hand corner 
  8. Click on it.
  9. To crop the video, use two fingers to zoom in or out of the video.
  10. If you want to trim its length, move the timeline borders to choose a suitable beginning and end of the video.
  11. When you’ve finished the task on the video clip changes and modification, click on the done option.

Export the video clip in your Gallery and send or forward it on any of the Social media platforms.

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