How to delete a user account on Mac

User account is a personal account that keeps confidential files or folders on one login. At one home if one device is used by three users for their work then they can divide our account into different user accounts.

All the user logins may have one main Login which is the developer Login which can add the password key to maintain control of all accounts. If some of the user accounts don’t want to be a member of the device and want to remove the account from the device. It is possible to delete and add the user’s account as per the need on one device. 

For example – In colleges, more than one student works on different projects on one device. In that situation, they maintain the work by adding different user accounts. 

Delete a user account on mac

On your Apple device if you want to remove or delete the user account. Follow the steps in a sequence manner:-

  • Open your Mac device
  • Choose the Apple option at the top-left side of the screen
  • Click on the System Preferences option.
  • Click on the Users and Groups option – it is the option that can describe how many users and group accounts are available in the system.
  • A new page display on your screen – it will be able to display the list of the user accounts on your device
  • If you are the Admin account – then you will be able to see it as an admin account otherwise by default it will show as a guest account. It will describe the type of account Mac contains- Admin or guest account( provide any username to the user account)
  • Now, write the username and password for the admin panel.
  • A new window display on your screen – it will show you the user or group you want to delete
  • Click on the – (minus ) button on the right side of the user account
  • Make sure that you log in with the other account not with the account you want to delete from the Mac
  • It will show the three options like
    • Save the home folder in a disk image
    •  Don’t change the home folder – the information about the user is still on the device. Also, it can restore by the user at any time as per the requirement.
    •  Delete the home folder – the information about the user is removed or deleted and that increases the storage space
  • Click on the Delete the home folder option

These mentioned steps help you to delete a user account on Mac. Deletion of the user account may increase the processing speed of the device. It also reduces the storage limit.

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