How to download YouTube shorts videos in mobile gallery

Way to download Youtube Shorts Videos: YouTube Shorts is a feature that can provide short videos. YouTubers create short videos with some special message or theme. 

The Short video can be created by using different editing tools. Users use these short videos on various social media platforms and spread their views by sharing the video. Users need a platform where these videos can easily download on a mobile device. 

There is no direct option available on YouTube to download the short videos. It takes some of the required steps to follow and many online websites and third-party apps are available that can help download Youtube Shorts videos on mobile devices for future use.

Way to download Youtube Shorts Videos

Download Youtube shorts by using Settings

In the latest version, the new feature is available in the Settings panel– Follow the steps:-

  • Open the YouTube app – it is pre-installed and available on the mobile device
  • Click on the Profile section – the login ID you use to access YouTube on your device.
  • Click on the 3 dots at the top right side corner
  • Click on the Setting option
  • Click on the Download option
  • You are able to view the resolution status of the videos
  • Choose the quality and the storage unit mentioned on it
  • After selecting, open the YouTube shorts 
  • Select the YouTube short video you want to download on your mobile Gallery- it helps to choose the video you want to download in your mobile gallery
  • Click on the share tab – it can help to share the link to any of the desired apps and the location and you also copy the link from this resource
  • Copy the link and open the YouTube application and paste the copy link on the search bar
  • You can be able to view the Download option
  • Click on the 3 dots at the selected short video – the setting panel can lie on the 3 bar section.
  • Click on the download option – by selecting the quality of the short video that is provided on your screen
  • Your Short video starts downloading on your mobile Gallery

You need to follow these steps that can help the users to download the Short YouTube Videos on your mobile device.

Using a third-party App

To download the Short videos on the mobile device – follow the following steps:- by using the third-party resource to download the Short video

  • Download the Get 4K Video Downloader app from the store app on your mobile device
  • Install the .apk file on your device
  • After successfully launching the file on your mobile device, open the Short video on the YouTube you want to download.
  • Click on the share option 
  • Select the copy link option – The URL to download Shorts videos.
  • Open the video downloader app and paste the copy link on the URL.
  • The video may download on your device gallery.

There are many tools or software available to download YouTube short videos like Save Video, Shortsnoob, 8 Downloader, etc.

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