How to install Autodesk Maya free for student

Autodesk is a plan that can work on the Maya software which is developed for the students. Education is the most important resource in every field. To boost the quality of the education the educator or students can take a one-year subscription plan for any required field.

Maya is designed with 3D animated, modeled, and simulated features in it. It is versatile in nature. This can help you to access the plan for 3 years as a FREE service provider source.

Maya is difficult to learn the Maya software functionality. It has some complex features. Dynamic animation is one of the key points. Graphical designing can come under it. It can be easily downloaded from the Maya official website.

Way to Install Autodesk Maya

To install Autodesk Maya with the Free subscription Plan – use these steps in an adequate manner:-

  • Open a web browser like Google Chrome on your mobile device
  • Search on the Download Autodesk Maya 
  • Open the official website of Maya
  • You are able to view the note to download the Maya free version for a 3-year plan service
  • Click on the Download Free trial version
  • It will ask you a few questions
  • You need to choose the option you will use the software as a business user or student – if you want to use the software for a long duration then it is best to choose the student panel
  • It will show the message that you will use this service with the duration and feature points
  • After verification of your institutional status, it will allow you to download the Autodesk 
  • There is much software available on your screen of Autodesk
  • After choosing any of the software links you need to fulfill the personal details like you are a student, country detail, email,  schooling college or school, etc.
  • Click on the Sign in option
  • To make them protect apply the Password to it
  • After completing the verification
  • Fill in the details required at the different options that confirm you are a student of a particular university.
  • It will take some time to verify the educational details 
  • Within the 1 hour duration of the time period, you get the email in your Inbox
  • Whenever you click on your product, you log in according to the duration time period. 
  • Maya software can download and is available on your screen.

For Students

Students can use any of the platforms as per their interests. It also contains Gaming with 3D modeling. Many of the draw tools are available on it. Maya extendible features make them useful for a large duration on developer sites.

It is the education community in which by username and password with a verified identity you are able to join the available resource. Many online tutorials on Google are available that can describe the working of Maya software 

If you belong to the Student and the Educator section then it is the best chance to gain and increase your knowledge by providing any of your institutional identity where you are currently studying.

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