How to hide story on Instagram

Hide Instagram Story from Specific Users – How?

Instagram is one of the social media apps that is popular among youth, anybody can share their current moments in the form of photos, videos, and reels. More than 500 million users per day are a part of this app. 

Stories play a basic role in social media. Users share their events of life, and live video clips to express their moods, and feeling to another one. The upload story is unique and indicates to someone. Sometimes users only want to share their stories with specific users and hide from other users in the friend list.

The hide option makes the Story unique from someone’s eyes. Instagram has a feature to hide the Story that users need to learn

Hide a story on Instagram from someone. How?

There are some steps that can help to hide the specific story 

Method -1

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Click on the Story icon section
  • Click on the Setting option at the topmost side
  • Tap the option “Hide Story from”
How to hide story on Instagram | Techniq World
  • Pre – define 0 People, if you have a Public account
  • Click on the icon 
  • Select the People via Username from the follower list – the story hides from our friends that follow your Instagram ID and are in the friend’s zone.
  • Now You can able to free and  secure from a specific user from where you want to hide your story

Instagram updates this feature as per the Users’ needs or demand

Method -2

To hide your story post from some specific users- follow these steps: –

  • Open the Instagram app
  • Click on the Profile icon 
  • Open the story Post you want to hide 
  • Click on the 3 dots on the right side of the post
  • Pop-up option display 
How to hide story on Instagram | Techniq World
  • Click on the Hide your story 
How to hide story on Instagram | Techniq World
  • The story mute from the specifically selected users

This hiding feature is a part of the Instagram app permanently.

  • It is the best way to show a story to a large group of users. Hide some users that are not related to the concerning story. 
  • In Android and IOS, both Users can follow these steps to hide the story for making their personal lifestyle and information more secure from someone and share moments with well beings without any interference. 
  • Close Friends  option also helps the user to hide the story from someone and choose the friends from the Instagram followers list, you want to share your story
  • The close friend option is a feature that relates same as hide stories from Instagram 

Hide features can have a direct impact on the Youngsters to survive on social media platforms without any interruption. 

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